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Union Workers March Through The Snow

Right-to-work protest continues despite delay in Legislature debate


Union workers march to Lucas Oil Stadium.  ( photo: Ray Steele)

The delay in the debate over the right to work bill doesn't mean those protesting the bill are standing down.


Hundreds of union members marched through the falling snow Thursday, first to Lucas Oil Stadium, and then back to the state capitol. Jeff Harris with the Indiana AFL-CIO says the march to the stadium was to honor the NFL Players Association, which recently spoke out in opposition to Indiana's right-to-work proposal.

Protestors say they aren't resting despite a one week truce called by House Republicans and Democrats. Protestor Thurmond Johnson of Gary, a self-proclaimed Democrat, says he isn't sure all the members of his party on united in opposition to the proposed ban on mandatory union dues collections. Thurmond says some Democrats are, "U-C-R's", meaning undercover Republicans.


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