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Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Money?


Even though Super Bowl 46 happens in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, most of us will watch it on TV.


As is often the case, the following Monday, the talk will be about three things: the game, the halftime show and the commercials. So how much does one of those spots cost this year?

Brian Steinberg, writer for "Advertising Age," says a package is around $3.5 to $ 4 million. He notes the cost drops in the fourth quarter with the risk of a blowout game and waning interest in it.  This year's game features some new companies, including H&M. 

Additionally, some advertisers are teasing their videos on YouTube. Richard Feinberg, a Consumer Psychologist in Purdue University's Department of Consumer Cciences and Retailing, says ad executives are willing to shell out millions to create a buzz, even though more targeted marketing is more effective.


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