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Senate Committee Advances Creationism Bill


A controversial bill that would allow school boards to require the teaching of "creation science" is endorsed by a state Senate Committee.


The Senate Education Committee Wednesday voted 8-2 to advance the legislation after hearing testimony from both sides of the issue.

Sen. Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) says his bill simply gives public schools the option of teaching creationism along with evolution. Advance America's Eric Miller agrees.

"If you support local control, you'll support this bill," Miller said. "If you support giving students the opportunity to hear various theories, then you would support this bill."

But critics, including Episcopalian Chaplain Charles Allen, call it an ill-advised attempt to bring Christianity into the classroom. The say it violates the U.S. Constitution by blurring the separation of church and state.

"Courts have already ruled that creation science is a disguised attempt to promote a religious world view in science classrooms, and I agree with those rulings," Allen said.


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