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Super Bowl Parking Rates Could Widely Vary


You may have heard that the city was limiting how much parking lots and garages in Indianapolis could charge this week and on Super Bowl Sunday. They haven't, and some lots are charging as much as $900 simply to reserve a space on Super Bowl Sunday.


"We certainly aren't in the business of setting anyone's rates," said Mel Raines, parking expert for the Super Bowl Host Committee. "We just wanted to encourage people to have a great experience when they were here, and not have the impression that everywhere they turned, prices were much higher than they normally are in Indianapolis."

Raines says the committee spoke with owners of parking lots and garages quite often, asking them to hold their rates for the days leading up to Super Bowl Sunday close to their normal rates for special events, and says so far, the lots seem to be complying.

"The closer in garages to the convention center and the Super Bowl Village are in the 20-25 dollar range, and then as you get out, I think there's a couple of lots over near the City/County Council building that are six dollars. So there's a wide range," Raines says.

As for game day parking, lots are free to charge what they wish. Scott Gould, Vice President of Operations for Denison Parking, which operates 40 garages and lots in Indy, says prices are based on a number of factors, such as what other cities have charged for Super Bowl parking in the past, proximity to Lucas Oil Stadium, and size of space.

"An outdoor space that allows tailgating, set up a grill and cook some dogs and burgers and such, those spaces actually command the highest price," Gould says.

The NFL sells some fixed-price parking spaces for the Super Bowl game, but those are all pre-sold by the league; you can find out more on the parking page of Other garages and lots, including those owned by Denison, are encouraging anyone coming downtown to use the online reservation system at to reserve a spot. It is there you can see the wide variation on how much a parking space will cost you on Sunday; anywhere from $49 to $900.

Mark Pratt, president and C.O.O. of Denison, says they aren't worried about possibly overselling their lots because of an online system.

"We get constant real time updates, but that's an excellent question. I don't think you're going to see an instance of our overselling any of our garages. We're very pleased with the way this process has worked thus far," Pratt says.

If you pay for your own parking space every month, you probably won't have access to it this weekend. You should have received some sort of notice already from your parking lot or garage owner, but Denison says their monthly parkers have long known they would have to pay the rate everyone else is paying if they wanted to use their spot Sunday.

"All of our contracts, our standard contract we've used for many many years, assures parking Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Weekends, evenings, holidays, special events are excluded," says Gould.


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