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Indiana Leads Participation In Earthquake Drill


The Indiana Department of Homeland Security is pleased with participation in the latest multi-state earthquake drill.


The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut Tuesday morning involved more than 525,000 Hoosiers and two million total participants throughout the region. IDHS Executive Director Joe Wainscott says the purpose of the drill each year is two-fold.

"Our purpose is to raise awareness about Indiana and the central part of the country," Wainscott said. "We're working to try to prepare folks (on) how to take care of themselves and their families better."

While predicting earthquakes in not an exact science, experts do expect a damaging earthquake in Indiana within the next 50 years. Due to the geology of Indiana, the energy from an earthquake in the Midwest will travel up to ten times further than a similar strength quake in California.

The drill was held on the 200th anniversary of the 1812 New Madrid earthquakes. It was organized by the Central United States Earthquake Consortium, including the states of Indiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois and Mississippi.

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