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How Can School Shootings Be Prevented?


One student is dead and four others injured following a school shooting in a small town in Ohio Monday, but could it have been prevented?


Chuck Hibbert with Hibbert Safe School Consulting in Central Indiana says many of the high-profile school shootings come from suburban to small town rural areas because those areas tend to have a false sense of security that incidents like these won't happen in their communities.

"So people have a tendency, in my opinion, to ignore the basic preparations and some of the basics that we can do in prevention to at least minimize the opportunities for these things to happen," Hibbert says.

Hibbert says schools tend to ignore some of the basic signs students may show that could eventually lead to similar incidents. Those signs include emotional instability caused by some sort perceived event such as bullying.

Hibbert adds schools need to have a comprehensive preparedness plan incorporating everyone from administrators, school counselors, mental health officials to the teachers and students themselves.


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