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Task Force One To Help Search For Tornado Survivors In Southern Indiana

Listen to Task Force Chief Tom Neal's interview with WIBC's Ray Steele


Indiana Task Force One has been deployed to Southern Indiana to help look for survivors among those trapped in rubble left by Friday's tornadoes.

Listen: Task Force Chief Tom Neal with WIBC's Ray Steele

Task Force Chief Tom Neal says the Department of Homeland Security activated them just hours after the storms hit. "We're sending out a type one team, which is a 70-member rescue team with ten ground support personnel to help move the team and support them logistically where they're operating."

Neal says they will be staging near Henryville, which suffered heavy damage in the storms, but they don't know yet exactly where they will be searching nor how long they will be there. "We'll get a good indication from the advance team that went down there through the Air National Guard asset as to the level of devastation in the impacted areas that are high probabiliy for survivors and trapped victims and more reinforced structures that were damaged."

In addition to the 70 crew members, four canine teams will also be on the ground. "Once the dogs hit, we'll come in with search cams, that are fiber-optic cameras to help identify where the dogs have indicated there's a human, and then we'll bring in the rescue specialists," Neal says.




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