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Crash Victim's Mother Says She'll Perservere Through Bisard Case Delay


Mary Wells speaks to reporters following yet another delay in the David Bisard case.  ( photo: Ray Steele)

As painful as it is, the mother of the motorcyclist killed by IMPD officer David Bisard's patrol car says she will be patient through yet another delay.


Last week, the judge in the reckless homicide case gave Bisard's attorneys more time to respond to the prosecution's motion to test a second vial of Bisard's blood taken the day of the crash in August 2010. Bisard's initial blood alchol level was more than twice the legal limit when his car struck and killed Eric Wells and injured another biker.

This means the next hearing in the case could be up to two months away, but Eric's mother Mary Wells says she will perservere. "As long as gives him his due process, then we just go with it because no matter what happens, in the end there isn't a winner at all."

Wells says she is staying busy setting up a foundation in Eric's memory, and says she knows the wait isn't only tough on her. "We've lost a lot. (Eric's) family has lot. David Bisard has lost. His family has lost, so there's really no winners in this," Wells says.

Still, it is tough to be in the same room as Bisard. " get butterflies every time. It's still very painful. There's still a lot of hurt there."

Depending on whether attorneys need to discuss evidence or hear from witnesses, the next hearing will take place either in April or May.


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