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Tornado Cleanup Continues in Southern Indiana


Cleanup efforts are continuing in southern Indiana.


Denise Derrer with the Joint Information Center of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security says as of Saturday morning, Clark County reported 800 tons of debris had been removed along with 100 tons in Scott County, 100 cubic yards in Jefferson County and 15 tons in Ripley County.

Derrer says FEMA is on the ground helping people register for federal disaster aid. She says the agency will open its Disaster Recovery Center on Tuesday and will be going door-to-door in Ripley County on Wednesday to see if anyone needs assistance.

Derrer says those wanting to help out with cleanup efforts need to first contact the Volunteer Reception Center in Jeffersonville.

"You can put your name on the list. Tell them what you know how to do, you know, what you're good at and then as they need those skills, they will call you and get you dispatched specifically for a task that you're ready to do," Derrer says.

You can sign up to volunteer at or by calling 502-599-8593. Derrer says those who simply show up ready to help without signing up first can actually hinder recovery efforts.


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