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State Trooper Returns to Work After Tornado


Trooper Martin Wimp
(Network Indiana Photo)

An Indiana State Trooper who's home was destroyed in the Henryville tornado went back to work Friday.


Trooper Martin Wimp was in his home on Highway 160 when the tornado hit three weeks ago. He was on his way to the basement when his ears popped. He says he "opened the basement door that's when all the windows in the house came in around me. The next thing I know, I woke up laying on top of a window unit air conditioner and then had a 60 foot maple tree laying on top of me."

He says a young man named Darren Marshall stopped to help him and took him to the Scott County Emergency Room. He said the next thing he knew, he was waking up inside a CAT scan machine.  Trooper Wimp says he didn't see the devastation until two days later.

"It was phenomenal. It changed the landscape of that city forever." Wimp says.

He says the tornado dropped things from his home across Ohio. He says, "I had an 11 year old girl send me a business card of mine from Newton, Ohio. The Hilltop Barge company sent me a blank check, apparently their offices are right next to the Red's stadium."

Wimp says his family is thankful for the phenomenal support they've received from the community and all over the country.

"There hasn't been a morning that I haven't woken up grateful since. You know, hug my wife and my son a little bit tighter now. And just try to do right by the people who have done things for us," Wimp says. 

Wimp's home was among many destroyed. But he escaped with only a broken shoulder and a few lost teeth. He's working on a limited basis while he continues to heal.

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