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Franklin Township Ends Bus Fee, But Lawsuit Goes On

Parents seek reimbursement for fees, mileage


A Franklin Township school board vote to eliminate its year-old busing fee won't end the controversy over it.


Attorney Ron Frazier says he's "thrilled" the school district will resume bus service. But parents Frazier represents are continuing their lawsuit to get their money back, or win reimbursement for mileage costs for driving their kids to school.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller issued an opinion last year concluding the fee violates the constitutional guarantee of a free public education. This year's legislature passed a law to remove any doubt.

A judge is considering a request to make the suit a class-action.

The school board had established fees of 475 dollars for one child plus 405 dollars for each additional child in a family, after the failure of a referendum to raise property taxes to shore up the budget. Another new law passed this year allows school districts hit hard by Indiana's property tax caps to refinance their debt to free up money for the short term.

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