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Research Firm Says Indiana Should Be In "Tornado Alley"


(photo courtesy of CoreLogic/RTV6)

A California research firm has identified Indiana and several other states as ares with high enough tornado counts that would merit inclusion into the area known as "tornado alley."


The moniker has been used for years to refer to an area including the Texas panhandle, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and eastern South Dakota. Research firm CoreLogic says Indiana, Illinois, and western Kentucky should be added to the area as well as Mississippi and Alabama known as "Dixie Alley."

National Weather Service Meteorologist Dave Tucek says Corelogic used NOAA data that measured the number of tornados per square area for each state. Tucek says Indiana has been at the top of that list for several years. He says the term "tornado alley" is not official and many in the field don't know how or when it got started.

Tucek says Indiana's annual rate of tornados has determined the alert and response procedures that are in place and adding the state to the "tornado alley" list would not change any of that.


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