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State Senator Speaks on Stage Collapse Reports


State Sen. Jim Merritt

One of the state senators on the State Fair Legislative Advisory Committee is speaking out following the release of the reports on last year's State Fair stage collapse.


State Senator Jim Merritt says now that the reports have been released, a summer legislative study committee will review them in hopes to improve upon any regulations put into place. Senator Merritt says the rules won't just be for the State Fair, but all outdoor venues.

"We've got to make sure that if you're going to be at an outdoor facility in the state of Indiana, that the state of Indiana, will keep you safe," Senator Merritt says.

During the last legislative session, the General Assembly passed stopgap legislation allowing the State Fire Safety and Building Commission to put emergency rules into place immediately for the regulation of outdoor stage equipment. The bill allows the study committee to finalize those rules or change them. The bill also allows city inspectors to inspect stage equipment on state property which wasn't allowed in the past.

Senator Merritt says the legislature will also work with Witt Associates and Thorton Thomasetti to make sure that standards are in place for the evacuation of all outdoor facilities.


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