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County Prosecutor: We Will Still Bring David Bisard To Trial

Curry says revelation that blood sample was moved will not affect prosecution


Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry (WIBC file photo: Ray Steele)

Marion County's prosecutor says the bombshell that a vial of blood drawn from an IMPD officer was mishandled will not affect his office's efforts to bring the officer to trial for striking and killing a motorcyclist with his police car.


"We were furious when we learned it, and we are still exceedingly upset," said prosecutor Terry Curry hours after learning that the second blood sample taken from suspended officer David Bisard had been moved to a non-refrigerated room at the police property annex, located at the police academy. The blood vial was moved sometime around November of last year, and the disclosure of it's handling led to the Tuesday resignation of IMPD Chief Paul Cieselski.

Curry says his office checked on the vial last week after a judge ruled it could be tested as part of the prosecution of Bisard. "Our deputy prosecutor verified back in October that the vial was there and was refrigerated," Curry said. "In conjunction with this hearing, we did a follow up and that's when we learned (of it's tampering)."

Curry says he met with the families affected by the Bisard case to deliver the sobering news of yet another misstep in the case today. "It's frustrating. It's absolutely frustrating," Curry said. The second vial was important to the case because the judge in the case ruled the first vial wasn't drawn properly under state law and could not be used to charge Bisard with drunk driving.

Curry says his office is working with an independent lab to determine whether the lack of refrigeration for the last six months will affect whether the vial of blood can be used as part of the prosecution. Regardless, he says the case will move forward, as he is still waiting on an appeal of the ruling on whether Bisard can be charged with DUI. "We're still waiting for the court of appeals to tell us yea or nay on what charges the blood alcohol results are admissible on. We feel we have a good argument, but no matter what the court of appeals rules, we will take this case to trial."

The prosecutor's office is also trying to determine what other cases might be affected, as blood vials other than Bisard's were also moved out of the police property room. "That is concerning to us. We will follow up immediately to find out what items of evidence were moved and what cases they relate to."

Despite this mistake, Curry says he still has confidence in the police department. "We work with our police partners every single day. We know that the vast majority of officers are professional, are committed, are dedicated and they do a great job."

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