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Lauren Spierer's Parents Change Perspective on Missing Daughter


Robert and Charlene Spierer
( file photo)

The mother of missing IU student Lauren Spierer says she no longer believes her daughter is alive.


When asked by The Journal News in New York if she believed her daughter was alive, Charlene Spierer simply said, "I don't." The newspaper said Charlene and her husband Robert recently returned to Bloomington and are still continuing their effort to find Lauren. Their daughter went missing June 3rd of last year after a night of partying in Bloomington.

"We're trying to be realistic," Robert Spierer told the newspaper. "We know that if she had the chance to reach out to us, she would have done it."

Robert Spierer said he believes at least one of the people his daughter was with still knows something about Lauren's disappearance. Corey Rossman remains a person of interest in the case but maintains that he was assaulted the night of Lauren's disappearance and doesn't remember what happened.

"I feel if she never met Corey Rossman, she’d be alive today," Spierer said. "His claim of memory loss is laughable."

As the one-year anniversary of Lauren's disappearance approaches, the Spierers say they hope to continue to create interest in the case in a town that has seemingly returned to normal.


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