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Judge Sets Bond For Bei Bei Shuai


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A Marion County Criminal Court Judge set bond for Bei Bei Shuai at $50,000 Friday.


However, Shuai's attorney Linda Pence says it's unlikely she'll be able to come up with that without public support. Pence launched what she calls the "Bei Bei Shuai Legal Defense Fund." Pence says the case has already cost more than $550,000. Pence says donations will be used to off set costs and aid in further preparation for Shuai's murder trial set to begin with jury selection on December 3rd.

35-year-old Shuai has been behind bars since being charged in March of 2011. She's charged with murder and feticide after eating rat poison while pregnant. Friday's hearing follows a ruling by the Court of Appeals which forced Judge Sheila Carlisle to set bond for the Chinese immigrant after Carlisle initially refused to allow the Chinese immigrant to be released from jail. As part of setting bond, Carlisle confiscated Shuai's passport.

Meantime, Pence is asking Shuai supporters to log onto to Pence says this is a landmark case because for the first time in Indiana, a pregnant woman is being charged with murder because she attemped suicide.

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