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Indianapolis Sits Near The Bottom On A Fitness Ranking



Indianapolis-based American College of Sports Medicine is out with its annual fitness ranking of the the nation's 50 biggest metropolitan areas.

 Indianapolis ranks 43rd.

Residents know exercise is important, but only 76 percent say they do it. That compares to a national average of 83 percent.

 Dr. Walt Thompson is chairman of the advisory board of the ACSM American Fitness Index. He says the city is improving, but says more needs to be done. He suggests local leaders put more money into improving parks. The average related park expenditure across the country is 101 dollars per capita, but Indianapolis spends only 43 dollars. Thompson says improving parks with more exercise-friendly options such as bike and walking lanes may bring more people outdoors and into the exercise habit.

Second hand smoke is now included as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, a problem for Indy residents. The index shows the city with a high percentage of smokers at almost 20 percent. The city is already working on that.

An expanded local smoking ban is set to take effect June 1st.



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