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Indianapolis Defense Attorney Weighs In On Durham Case


Tim Durham ( file photo)

Indianapolis Defense Attorney Jack Crawford is weighing in on the Tim Durham case.


Durham and his partners are charged with conspiracy, wire fraud and securities fraud. Prosecutors allege they bilked 5000 mainly elderly investors out of $200 million. Crawford says despite the prosecution's methodical case that involves paper trails and wiretapped phone conversations, the burden of proof remains on the U.S. Attorney's office to prove its case against Durham and James Cochran and Rick Snow.

Crawford says prosecutors must also show that Durham and others intended to ruin Fair Finance, the company Durham bought from Donald Fair around 2002. Crawford says the case also remains uncomfortable for people like Governor Mitch Daniels and Former Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi who accepted campaign contributions from Durham. Crawford adds that testimony from so-called bilked investors will be intriguing, but says the defense will likely argue that investments often go bad.

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