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Rose Hulman Professors Work to Refine Mammograms


A husband and wife team at Rose Hulman are working to refine the process with mammograms.


Engineering Professor Lorraine Olson and her husband, Rose-Hulman's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Head, Robert Throne, are doing research on a machine that would automate the exam as well.

Thorne explained how the machine would work. "A woman would lay down on a table or something and this machine would be positioned over her breast and little indentures would push on her breast and there would be some pushing and some recording how much it was displaced other places."

Olson, who is a breast cancer survivor, says the exam would be virtually painless as well. "Basically the idea is that it would just be like someone poking you with a finger gently, except the finger could record the results."

They say they have no timeline on completing their research, but Olson says it won't be done within a year.


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