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Hoosier Caregivers Respond To High Court Ruling


Hoosiers who work with patients seeking healthcare are speaking out about the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare.


The high court upheld the key portion of the law that mandates all people have health insurance. An Indiana attorney who specializes in long term care and disability says the Supreme Court's ruling is a victory for Hoosier patients. Elder attorney Scott Severns says upholding the health care mandate portion of Obamacare means thousands of uninsured Hoosiers will soon have healthcare options. Severns has worked as an elder attorney for more than 30 years. Severns works with clients who need access to Medicaid or veterans benefits. He says the ruling will greatly aid the disabled and unemployed who don't have access.

Indiana State Nurses Association Executive Director Ernie Klein calls the ruling a victory for Hoosier families who will gain access to procedures that may prevent debilitating illnesses. Klein says the ruling will giving thousands of registered nurses greater ability to provide high quality care. Klein says he they expected only a partial ruling and was stunned by Chief Justice John Roberts upholding of the mandate.

On the other hand, Indiana Department of Insurance Chief Deputy Logan Harrison says Hoosiers can expect to see significant spikes in healthcare premiums. Harrison says Obamacare will likely have many unintended adverse effects. He says the law still doesn't address the issue of affordable healthcare costs. He says new plans will have requirements that will raise costs across the board.

Meantime, Indiana University Robert McKinney School of Law Professor Gerard Magliocca says the ruling spotlights Chief Justice Roberts who'll likely win both friends and enemies. Magliocca says despite the high court ruling, the issue will likely become central in the upcoming presidential campaign.


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