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Governor Daniels Reflects On Dog Days


(Purdue University photo)

With the dog days of summer not far off, Governor Mitch Daniels says he isn't winding down just yet, but he knows the end of his term is near.

Daniels says as the Presidential election draws closer, he knows it'll be time to move onward. He says he's looking forward to taking over as President of Purdue University next year. The Governor says he thinks protests against Purdue's decision to appoint him President were unfair.

The Governor says he didn't he didn't seek the job and he didn't know members of the search committee until he was under consideration for the post. Daniels adds that he didn't really know many of Purdue's trustees before he had appointed them. He says he believes the search committee was an unfair target among critics who opposed his appointment.

Ultimately, the Governor says he's doing something different because he never felt public office should be a life long career.


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