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New Trauma Center Rule In Indiana


At least one medical expert is touting the impact of a new EMS rule regarding Indiana trauma centers.


Dr. Larry Reed of IU Health Methodist Hospital says the rule mandates that seriously injured patients be immediately taken to trauma centers. He says the rule makes exceptions only if a trauma center is more than 45 minutes away or if taking the patient to a trauma center endangers the patient's life.

Reed is also the Director of Trauma Services at IU Health Methodist. He says he likes the new mandate. He cites data that shows that clinical outcomes improve greatly when patients are taken directly to a facility that can accommodate their specific issues. He adds that Indiana is one of only a handful of states that doesn't have a statewide trauma system.

With about eight trauma centers now in existence in Indiana, Dr. Reed says the state needs more. He says they're working on that issue. He says existing hospitals can create trauma centers, but the process can be lengthy and expensive. Issues include: facility resources, staffing and certification among other things.


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