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City-County Council Approves Domestic Partnership Benefits


The Indianapolis City-County Council approved Monday a proposal to give benefits to city and county employees involved in domestic partnerships.

The bipartisan proposal passed by a vote of 20-8. Some councillors opposed the proposal because of the budget issues facing the city as outlined earlier in the night in Mayor Greg Ballard's budget presentation.

Opponents said it isn't exactly clear how much the measure would cost but estimated the cost to be between $200,000 and $1 million. Democratic Councillor Angela Mansfield said a cost analysis by the office of the City Controller showed it would cost one third of one percent of what the city spends on health insurance.

Supporters of the proposal, including Democratic Councillor Brian Mahern, contended the issue was about fairness. He said all city and county employees should be able to enjoy the same benefits as everyone else.

The measure now goes to Mayor Ballard's desk for approval.

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