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Contaminated Fuel In Northwest Indiana



BP says it will help resolve any problems that motorists who bought fuel at a northwest Indiana BP station, or one supplied by BP, may have had between August 13th and the 17th.

BP's general manager for press relations, Scott Dean, said they pinpointed the contaminated fuel to a tank at its Whiting refinery fuel storage terminal.

Dean says right now it may have been diesel fuel or fuel oil that got mixed in with the regular unleaded gasoline in the tank. Most affected customers are in northwest Indiana, within the immediate area of the Whiting terminal.

" We've been going through bills of lading, tracking down any trucks that pulled fuel from that tank, and have been advising customers to pump those tanks out and return it to our terminal so it can be re-processed."

 BP customers who had problems that prompted service to their vehicle should save their gas station receipt or credit card statement with the purchase along with their repair bill and call the customer relations hotline.  The toll-free number is -- 800-333-3991.

On Monday, August 20, BP recalled unleaded regular gasoline shipped from its Whiting, Indiana fuel terminal between August 13 and 17 due to vehicleshard starting, stalling and other issues.

Ricker's reports none of the Ricker's BP stations are included in the recall.


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