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Wind Farm Under Construction Near Elwood

One of Indiana's Biggest


(photo courtesy of E.On Climate & Renewables)

E.On Climate and Renewables, a Chicago-based wind farm developer, has begun construction of what will be one of the biggest wind farms in Indiana.  The Wildcat I project is expected to be in operation sometime late this year, with 125 G.E. 1.6 megawatt turbines.  

"They'll be providing approximately two megawatts of power," said Matt Tulis, the firm's communications manager.  "And that's enough power to generate electricty for 60,000 homes in the U.S."

Construction is underway near Elwood in Madison and Tipton Counties and will eventually spread to Grant and Howard Counties as well.  

Tulis says Indiana is becoming a wind power leader.  

"Indiana has over 1,300 megawatts on line," he said.  "The wind resource there is ranked 15th in the U.S."


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