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VIDEO: Gun Store Owner Speaks About Shooting Involving Employee

Don Davis says employee improving, shooter brought on death himself


Don's Guns owner Don Davis ( photo: Ray Steele)

The owner of a gun shop on the Westside of Indianapolis says he feels badly for the family of a man killed inside his store, but says the man brought on his death himself.

Listen to Ray Steele's report:

IMPD says Monday's killing of Brian Wayner, 26, by Don's Guns employee Ben Chance was justifiable homicide. Wayner fired three shots, striking Chance once as Chance was trying to collect payment for a gun rental. Though a bullet passed through the upper side of his chest, Chance returned fire with his own weapon, killing Wayner. Chance remains in the hospital, but store owner Don Davis says Chance's condition is improving and that he could come home as early as Friday.

Davis says such incidents have been rare in the 40-year history of his store, but he says his employees rehearse what to do in such a situation frequently.

An 'X' made  with electrical tape was on the floor about two feet in front of a counter filled with handguns.  "He was standing right where the X is," Davis said.  "My guy was right here. He drew back - had already put some ammunition in his gun from being out on the shooting range, and he fired the first shot from there."  Davis also has the flattened .40 caliber bullet that passed through Chance as well as another bullet that went into the wall. A third bullet remains lodged in the wall, Davis says.

Police haven't said what may have led Wayner to fire the shots, and Davis says repeated viewings of the security camera footage of the shooting haven't yielded too many clues. Davis says he doubts Wayner had a permit to carry a gun, and points out that he didn't need one.  "He wouldn't have had to have a permit to rent a gun. To (purchase and) carry a gun, you have to buy a permit from the state of Indiana. Whether he had a permit, I doubt it - he didn't have a gun obviously."

Davis called Chance "an A-1 employee", and says he has a job with Don's Guns for life as far as he is concerned. The owner also says he will make sure Chance doesn't have to pay anything out of his pocket for his health care.

Though police say the shooting was justified, A.J. Deer with the Marion County Prosecutor's Office says they are still investigating and have not made a final determination on whether charges will be filed against Chance.



Don Davis from Don's Guns talks about Monday's shooting of a customer

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