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Indiana Higher Ed Commissioner Speaks on College Readiness


Politicians on both sides of the aisle have claimed that Hoosier businesses don't have the skilled work force they need from Indiana colleges, but higher education tells a different story.


Teresa Lubbers is the Higher Education Commissioner in Indiana. She says in engineering especially, Indiana tends to draw students from other states, but then lose them once they graduate. Lubbers says another factor for the flight of Indiana's graduating class is the economy.

Lubbers says students face a multi-tiered problem with college. "Even if you leave prepared for a career or a job, it probably won't be your last job, and clearly not enough people are ready when they enter college and we do have a significant issue with even college graduates finding jobs." 

Though the state has added jobs, it's still tough for skilled and unskilled workers to find the kind of work they are looking for.


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