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iPhone 5 Gorging on Verizon Data


Some iPhone 5 owners have discovered their newest Apple gadget eats a lot more data than their last phone.

It's not your imagination. Several Verizon iPhone 5s are gorging on cellular data, even though your web surfing habits haven't changed.

Gadget guy Dave Arland said iPhone 5 is secretly sipping data, even in Wi-Fi hot spots.

Listen: Joe Ulery interviews Dave the Gadget Guy about iPhone 5 bug

"There is a fix for it. You have to go into the settings of the iPhone. There's a carrier update--download that update: 13.1. Once you do that this problem of the iPhone secretly sippin' data is going to go away and you'll be all set to use it the way you used to," Arland said.

Click here for instructions on how to fix the bug.

The problem might not be isolated to Verizon -- other carriers are checking to see if they're infected.

If you have an iPhone 4S or older, you don't have to worry about this bug. But Arland said it's never a bad idea to keep an eye on your data consumption, especially with carriers phasing out unlimited data plans.


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