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Authorities Bust Metal Theft Ring


Terry Curry (at podium) ( photo by Mike Corbin)

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry has brought charges against what he calls a metal theft ring in Indianapolis.


Curry announced charges against ringleader Jimichael Parker. Curry says Parker is among six individuals who operated a metal theft ring for at least ten months. He says they busted the ring following an extensive probe that began in September of 2011. Curry says Parker posed as a contractor and presented others as employees of what he called, "Circle City Metals."

He says the group burglarized four properties in Marion County and one in Madison County and stole copper wire and other valuable metals from the buildings. As a result, property owners have filed theft claims totaling $282,000. Authorities tracked Parker's dealings through Leads Online which is used to track sales and repeat sales of stolen property. Curry says Parker admitted to theft and casing numerous buildings.

Curry says others arrested include: Anton Harris, Antwoine Harris, Gerald Joyce, Clinton Skinner, and Courtney Parker. All are charged with either theft or corrupt business influence. Burglarized locations include: 2800 N. Richardt Ave., 8405 E. 30th St., 1801 E. 30th St. and 5346 Pike Plaza Road.


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