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Authorities Launch Crackdown On Tech Scam


Indiana computer experts are warning folks about an ongoing tech support scam.


The Indiana Attorney General's Office says complaints about the scam have more than doubled so far this year compared to all of 2011 - from 49 to more than 140. The scam involves tens of thousands of consumers nationwide who've been tricked into paying for virus removal and non-existent spyware. This comes after the Federal Trade Commission launched a major international crackdown.

The scams also involve people allowing scammers to remotely access their computers through a website that consumers are told to visit. Marguerite Sweeney is telephone privacy chief in the Indiana Attorney General's Office. Sweeney says the scammers are mostly based in India. She says they typically convince people that they're calling from reputable firms like Microsoft or Dell. She says they're not affiliated in any way with any reputable company.

Sweeney says when the firms get control of consumer's computers, they could be implanting spyware, viruses or software that tracks their keystrokes and can capture log ins and passwords. Dave "The Gadget Guy" Arland says consumers who have issues with their computers should seek out seasoned professionals. Arland says most of those trustworthy professionals can be found at well-known retailers that have tech support staffers.


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