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Ball State Professor Wins Award for Online Game


It's Scrabble with numbers.  That's the short description of an educational game that brought a national award to a Ball State computer science professor.


Paul Gestwicki created an online game called "Equations Squared" as part of his study of the relationship between games, fun and learning.  The game recently took the top prize in a contest sponsored by the Educational Testing Service.

The game board resembles a Scrabble board, and Gestwicki says there are similarities in that you can only use so many numbers and variables to create as many contiguous equations as possible.  He says it isn't so much a learning tool as much as it is a way of determining how much algebra the player knows at that time.  It can be played by anyone, but is designed as an assessment for fifth-through-ninth graders.

Anyone can play the game for free at  Gestwicki receives a seven-thousand dollar prize for winning the contest, plus a private meeting with the head of Educational Testing Service.


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