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Affirmative Action Arguments Start In U.S. Supreme Court


The U.S. Supreme Court is about to take up the issue of Affirmative Action tomorrow, and the decision they make could have a huge impact on higher education for minority students. The case stems from a woman who was refused entry into the University of Texas.


The woman tried to sue the school claiming that affirmative action policies put minority students ahead of her, despite her claim of having better grades.

The courts have ruled in favor of the University of Texas, before, but Kevin Brown from I-U's Maurer School of Law says the Supreme Court may not uphold the entirety of the Affirmative Action laws, which could mean fewer minorities from the US in our higher education. '

Brown says American-born minorities, especially African Americans and Latinos will have suffer the most from a stripped-down minority protection law. That's opposed to foreign-born minorities who Brown says, will fair better in a new system. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments tomorrow, but it could take weeks or months before a final decision is made.


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