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Priest's Sister Speaks on Return of Her Brother


Father Christiaan Kappes (RTV6 file photo)

A missing priest, studying overseas, has been missing for a week, and now he has made contact with his family. 


Virgil Kappes, Christiaan Kappes' father says he's elated that his son has made contact, but there is still no clear return date for the priest, whose interpreter was reportedly hospitalized.  Virgil Kappes says he doesn't want to make any more comments to the media until his son is back safely. 

Father Kappes's sister Nadia Charcap of Franklin says she has also spoken with her brother and he is fine.  Charcap says he's not yet back in America.  She says he's in an undisclosed location and will return home soon.  Charcap says Kappes' interpreter friend has also escaped Greece.  That's where it's believed the young woman was involved in a dispute with family over possible inheritance. 

Charcap says she's awaiting her brother's return so that they can get a clear story about what exactly took place. The Archdiocese of Indianapolis isn't confirming any contact with Kappes, or making any comments on his whereabouts.

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