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Oldest Neighborhood Center In Indy Still Helping Kids

Concord Neighborhood Center gets gift for after school program


Concord Neighborhood Center gets $10,000 for its Now For The Future after school program ( photo: Ray Steele)

Concord Neighborhood Center has been serving the south side of Indy longer than any other community center in the city.  Thanks to a big donation, an after school program at Concord is helping turn boys and girls into young men and women.


Kids can join Concord's Now for the Future program when they are in fifth grade, but the program's director, Pam Richter, says they had better be ready to work.  Richter says the after-school program is highly structured and rigorous - there is plenty of time for sports and games, but much of the time is spent learning how to take care of themselves and how to properly interact with people.  

As the kids move into high school, the program's focus becomes getting them ready for a career, with instruction in job and interview skills.  Jonathan Gil-Ceja, 15, says he is grateful for learning things such as the importance of a firm hand shake, making good eye contact and how to tie a necktie.

Concord received a $10,000 gift from AT&T that will be used for Now for the Future, and Richter says they also receive money from the United Way and other local foundation grants.  Richter says stipends are available in some cases as well as scholarships for some who go on to college after leaving Now for the Future upon graduating high school.



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