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Indiana Counties Logging Early Voter Turnout


Many counties across Indiana kicked off early voting this week for the November election.


Some say if early turnout is any indication, this election is going to be a barn burner. Vanderburgh County Clerk Susan Kirk says upwards of 500 people have already turned out to vote early. Early voting began there Monday. Boone County Clerk Penny Bogan says more than 200 people turned out for their first day of early voting in Boone County Tuesday.

Both say they expect voter turnout for the upcoming election to be quite high. They say in addition to the hot presidential race, they also have government reorganization issues on their ballots which are drawing heavy voter interest. Kirk says Vanderburgh County voters are deciding on county consolidation with the city of Evansville and Bogan says Zionsville and Whitestown voters are also deciding on reorganization.

Vanderburgh county has upwards of 180-thousand registered voters while Boone has nearly 50-thousand. Kirk says voter turnout for the last presidential election in Vanderburgh county was about 60-percent. Bogan says turnout in Boone county was about 75-percent and she thinks it may be even higher for this election. Both say voters tend to turn out early due to vacation plans or business trips out of the country during the election.


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