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Indiana High School Raises Money for Children's Hospital


Monday was an emotional day at Winamac High School as the entire student body saw the impact their support had on those they sought to help.

Karen Butler, the student council advisor, sophomore sponsor, and sophomore English teacher at the high school, organized a penny war fundraiser between the high school classes with the help of the 36-member student council. The goal of the fundraiser was to raise as much money as possible toward the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent in honor of second-grader Aiden Spoor, the grandson of a teacher at Winamac High School.

Aiden was diagnosed last year with leukemia, and shortly thereafter, he began seeking treatment through the hospital. Earlier this year, Aiden's grandmother Mary Plummer - a teacher at the high school - asked Butler if she would be interested in holding a fundraiser to raise some money toward the programs helping Aiden, and Butler agreed. From Oct. 1 to Oct. 5, five-gallon water jugs were put in each grade sponsor's room, and students competed to raise the most money in pennies to score points, or the students could go on the offensive and drop silver change in their opponent's jugs to reduce their points.

Within five days, the combined student body raised $2439.08 in change. On Monday, Aiden visited the school and thanked everyone during a convocation held in the gymnasium. Every high school student, and Aiden, received free ice cream for their efforts. Aiden is currently believed to be in remission.


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