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Judge Considers Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Challenging Indiana’s Right-To-Work Law


The United Steelworkers Union is taking Indiana's right- to-work law to court.  Lawyers representing the state and the union argued about the issue Tuesday in a Lake County courtroom.

The union believes the "right to work" legislation is unconstitutional.

"Our belief if that the Indiana Constitution clearly states that there shall be no services provided without just compensation, and yet the right-to-work legislation provides exactly that...and so unions have to represent members and non-members alike, and are not entitled to any union dues from those who decide not to be union members" says United Steelworkers Union attorney Anthony Alfano

 State attorneys say the union's lawsuit should be dismissed. Union members began their fight against "right to work" when Indiana became the 23rd state to prevent unions and companies from requiring union membership.

U-S-W's lawsuit say the law required unions to represent workers who are receiving the benefits of union membership without contributing to the costs. Lawyers for the state argue that the right to work law does not require the union to represent non-members or provide services for non-members, making no legal basis for the union's claim.

Both sides will have to wait 30 days for the judge to make a decision.


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