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Attorneys In Bei Bei Shuai Case Dispute Autopsy


Bei Bei Shuai ( photo: Mike Corbin)

The judge in the Bei Bei Shuai case is taking the latest arguments between attorneys under advisement.


Shuai's attorney Linda Pence says prosecutors have produced no evidence that Shuai's swallowing of rat poison caused the death of her baby. The Chinese immigrant ate rat poision days before the baby's birth. The baby died shortly after. Pence is seeking to exclude the testimony of Forensic Pathologist Dr. Jolene Clouse who performed the autopsy. Pence argues Clouse wasn't qualified and her pro-life stance interfered with her autopsy finding.

During the hearing, Clouse denied both saying she has performed about 1000 autopsies and 50 on children, although her experience with babies is limited. Also, prosecutors say Clouse's conclusion that the fetus died of brain hemorraging brought on by poison is correct and the report is credible. Before the judge rules on whether or not to admit Clouse's testimony, attorneys have until November 16th to submit written arguments and conclusions. Shuai's jury trial is set to begin April 22nd. Prosecutors weren't immediately available for comment following the hearing.

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