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Study: 1 in 5 Adults Have No Religious Affiliation


A new Pew research study has found one-in-five adults have no religous affiliation.


The number of unaffiliated has risen nearly five percent in the last five years. The study found more than 13 million self-described athiests and agnostics, along with nearly 33 million people who say they have no religous affiliation.

Butler Theology Professor Matthew Bolton says the study shows the growing group is interested in sprituality, prayer, etc, but just not interested in affiliating with a particular religion. Bolton says the study found 70 percent of the "nones" believe in God, or a higher power.

Secular Coalition of America's Lauren Anderson-Youngblood says she's glad to be part of a growing demographic, and also hopes lawmakers take notice. Anderson-Youngblood says the "nones", whether they were athiests, agnostics, or just didn't want to affiliate with a religion, overwhelmingly feel that there is too much religion in government.


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