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Anti-Doping Agency Report on Lance Armstrong Released


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The report on the alleged doping of cyclist Lance Armstrong has been released.


The report issued by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency documents a massive doping conspiracy on the United States Postal Service cycling team of which Armstrong was the head.  The agency's William Bock, who is based in Indianapolis, says they found that Armstrong not only used drugs himself but provided drugs to his teammates. "He called a teammate in on one occasion when they weren't following the doping program that one of the team doctors had laid out and he required that person to follow the doping program or the position on the team might be in jeopardy."

The 160-page report includes findings from a 12-year period between August 1999 and 2010.  Bock says the report addresses the French investigation from 2000 which accused Armstrong of using a particular drug.  "We talked with at least five cyclists on the team about that topic," Bock says.  "These cyclists told us, in fact, the drug was provided by the medical staff on the team, that it was regularly provided to the riders, (and) it was regularly provided to the riders.  We were told that Lance used the drug."

Bock says the report took 12 years to be released because they didn't have any evidence in the beginning.  He says a couple of cyclists came forward with evidence about two years ago and the investigation was handed to the U.S. Attorney's office in central California.  When they closed that investigation, Bock says they began interviewing witnesses which ultimately led to this report.

Bock says the report is being submitted to the International Cycling Union and he believes they will accept the report and imposed the agency's proposed sanctions which include stripping Armstrong of his Tour de France titles and banning him from cycling for life.


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