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State's New License Plate Will Celebrate Bicentennial

Plates begin appearing Dec. 27, will remain through 2017


Former Indiana Congressman Lee Hamilton, BMV spokesman Dennis Rosebrough and Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman unveil Indiana's new license plate. ( photo: Eric Berman)

The first visible sign of Indiana's approaching bicentennial will start appearing on cars at the end of the year.


Indiana's new license plates announce the 2016 bicentennial. A "200" logo will appear to the left of the plate number, encircled by 19 stars, to mark Indiana's status as the 19th state.

Former congressman and Bicentennial Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says the commission selected the design from among several reviewed by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Indiana State Museum.

The panel is still soliciting ideas from local communities for other ways to celebrate Indiana's birthday. People who want an "In God We Trust" plate or who pay extra for a specialty plate can still have them -- everyone else will display the bicentennial plate through 2017.


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