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Anderson FOP Upset Over Planned Cuts


(Photo courtesy Anderson P.D.)

The Anderson Fraternal Order of Police plans to hold an informational picket this (Thursday) afternoon.


They're upset about the planned layoff of seven police officers come January. F.O.P. President Scott Calhoun says he's very concerned about the impact on public safety. Calhoun says if the cuts go through, they'll take the force down to below 107 officers. He says over the years the department has been pared down from 132.

Calhoun says this comes as crimes remains a big threat and officers are dealing with more sophisticated criminal weaponry. The city is also planning 20 layoffs in the Anderson Fire Department. This comes as city councillors begin to mull over Mayor Kevin Smith's $63.2 million budget for 2013. They're meeting tonight at 7 p.m.. The informational picket is planned for 5 p.m outside Anderson City Hall.

Meantime, Mayor Spokesperson Charlie Turner says the city has been struggling with population decline and one million in lower tax revenues. Turner says they have choice but to make cuts to keep the city afloat.


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