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Missing Priest Returns To Indiana

Recuperating From Bronchitis


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Father Christiaan Kappes is back home in Indiana after he mysteriously went missing in Europe for several days.  But his family in Franklin is keeping his whereabouts secret.  

 "I don't care to disclose where he is because I want him to be rested," said his sister, Nadia Charcap of Franklin.  "It's in his best interest that he be in a place where he can recoup his energy."

So for now, the priest's disappearance in Greece remains a mystery.  His family said earlier that his translator had been the target of a threat, possibly over a disputed inheritance.  The sister said she knows nothing about the translator's fate.  And she only talked with her brother briefly Wednesday night after his return to Indiana.

"He wasn't feeling too well," said Charcap.  "He's got a real deep cough...bronchitis.  He's resting now and he hasn't slept in about two days."

She said getting her brother home was the first step.  Now, the goal is "to get him in a place where he's back to feeling comfortable, secure and grounded."


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