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8th District Congressional Candidates Argue over Health Care Reform in Debate


Larry Bucshon (R) and Dave Crooks (D)

Two of the three candidates for Indiana's 8th Congressional district went back and forth over health care reform in Wednesday night's debate.


Incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon said he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  He said the law does not control the cost of health care. "It expands coverage, the expansion of the Medicaid program which everyone in health care already knows is not good health insurance and everyone knows it's going to cost the states like Indiana billions of dollars in federally mandated programs that are unfunded."  

Democratic candidate David Crooks said while he liked the conept of the law, he lost confidence in the process as it was being debated in Washington.  Despite that, he says many of the protections in the law need to be saved.  "And we've got to make sure that we do more to help small businesses navigate the rules and upcoming law because we don't want to stop jobs being produced in this region."

Both candidates also went argued over how to protect Medicare for senior citizens.  But there were some issues on which the candidates agreed including the need to protect coal mining in the district and nationwide while at the same time searching for and building on alternative fuel sources.  They also both proclaimed they are pro-life and only believe in abortions in the cases of rape, incest and health of the mother but neither candidate mentioned the recent controversy surrounding senate candidate Richard Mourdock and his comments on abortion and rape.

Libertarian candidate Bart Gadau did not participate in the debate.


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