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Reaction to Mourdock's Controversial Comments Continues


Members of both major political parties are reacting to Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock's comments about rape and abortion during Monday night's debate in New Albany.


Democratic strategist Jennifer Wagner says she was stunned to hear Mourdock's comment. Republican communications Director Josh Gillespie says he understands the concept of Mourdock's statement, but admitted the candidate likely didn't choose the right words.

Wagner says Mourdock's statement is proof that he is out of touch with Hoosier voters and has a far more extreme viewpoint than people living in the state. Repubican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign distanced themselves from Mourdock's statement, but stand behind his candidacy. Indiana Republican Gubernatorial nominee Mike Pence urged Mourdock to apologize. Gillespie says both Romney and Pence know Mourdock and they realize members of the GOP can disagree, even fundamentally, but they also know the party can move forward.

Hoosier voters have a chance to make their opinions known on November 6th.

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