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Purdue Professor Sizes Up October Surprises


Purdue Political Science Professor Bert Rockman says an "October Surprise" or game changer in the race for President isn't very likely.


Rockman, who studies past presidencies says "October Surprises" are really more political lore and not political fact. Rockman says because the nation is so politically divided, it's more difficult these days for candidates to change negative or positive campaign narratives. He says there are more "locked in" voters and fewer undecideds even early on in campaigns. Rockman says instant communication today has changed campaigns into punch and counter punches which may maintain an equilibrium.

Rockman says most campaigns today specifically target their bases down to a science. He says the usual strategy is to go after the base and then seek "undecideds." Rockman says the best way to assess political polls is by averaging them all out.


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