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Ballard Issues Line-Item Veto to City Budget


( file photo: Eric Berman)

The Indianapolis city budget is about to take a huge cut unless the city-county council can figure out a way to fill a $32 million operating deficit. 


Mayor Greg Ballard's office is using line-item veto powers to cut about 14% from the budget, that could be spread over several city agencies. The veto includes the allocation $31.7 million in County Option Income Tax to the County General Fund.  The funds will be held by the city treasurer until Ballard approves their allocation. 

The veto also includes funds for outside vendor contracts, including $100,000 requested by the Council majority for redistricting.  Ballard also vetoed the creation of  the police and fire recruiting fund, which he says "does not contain any funding nor was any directed to it in the budget."

The line-item veto isn't set in stone, though. Ballard spokesperson Marc Lotter says the funding could be restored if more revenue streams can be found to make up for the deficit. Lotter says he is hopeful that the council will be able to work with the mayor's office to come to an agreement, avoid deep cuts, and put the city and county on good fiscal footing for the future.


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