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What Motivates Voters to get to the Polls?


We're approaching the final push in this year's election season and both the Indiana Senate race and Presidential campaign are expected to come down to the wire.


With polls showing such a tight race, voter turnout is expected to be the key factor that decides the winner. Both Democrats and Republicans have used millions of dollars, thousands of hours and hundreds of volunteers to try and rally their base. But what really gets voters motivated and out to the polls?

Donald Green, Prof. of Political Science at Columbia University is coauther of the book, "Get Out the Vote: How to Increase Voter Turnout." Professor Green says face-to-face conversations tend to motivate likely voters more than impersonal contact, like Robo-calls and emails.

What else doesn't work? Green says voters tend to ignore email blasts, but are much more receptive to personal email or reccommendations from friends and family.

Green says early voting has made casting a ballot more convienient than ever, but it also gives campaigns a big advantage, letting them target the people who haven't voted yet.


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