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Hoosiers Are Gearing Up To Help The East Coast


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Indiana airlines, train travel, and businesses could be idled this week as Hurricane Sandy barrels down on the East Coast.

Flight delays and cancellations are already affecting air travel in Detroit and Chicago, two cities that connect hundreds of daily passengers from Fort Wayne International Airport. Indianapolis flights to and from the East Coast are being canceled as well.

Amtrak has already started canceling train service on its northeast corridor.

Indiana Red Cross volunteers and power companies are also gearing up to provide needed assistance.

Greg Fennig with Indianapolis Power & Light says they are sending about 22 people to the East Coast to support the restoration from the Hurricane. Fennig says "The majority of these folks will be lineman and they will be a self contained unit with trucks and equipment so they can get over to where they need to be stationed for restoration."

IPL trucks are expected to leave Indianapolis Monday afternoon and head towards West Virginia.


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