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Indiana Meteorologist Discusses Hurricane Sandy


(photo courtesy NASA)

If Hurricane Sandy wasn't enough for the east coast, it's going to merge with a blast of arctic air.


Meteorologist Dr. Dave Call with Ball State University says when the arctic air blast hit the coast there would have been a storm even without Hurricane Sandy, but he says the energy from Sandy is why this storm is so powerful.

Dr. Call says he's never seen a windfield like the one associated with Sandy. He says tropical storm force winds have been recorded from the border of South and North Carolina all the way the southwestern Maine. He says another aspect to worry about is the storm surge. He says Sandy will cause waves 20 to 30 feet high in some places.

Dr. Call adds that Sandy is not expected to flood many areas. He says the storm is not expected to stall and dump lots of rain, but he says the peninsula of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia could see some flooding associated with the storm.


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